4:20 am.

Shattering my heart into infinitesimal pieces of love.She didn’t just leave a hole in my heart; she threw away the seed of existence from my soul. Grinding my feelings into dust, she smiled. Carefully, rolling my shiny stark pieces of heart into fragile paper.

As her lips kisses the paper and my insatiable desire catches fire, I burned myself down. The flooding  bloodstream, turning her numb blue nerves to visibly bright green, reflection of my heart raging through your bloodshot red eyes; I take you with me

 Skiing on the clouds, as stars dance on a  dark night, a thought of me pulls you back into reality from the muse on the wall. Above the ignorance, she  cried through the serene mist.

My thoughts are slave to him‘, she thought.

She lied there into oblivion, as I bury her dark emotions into the grave within my soul. Spirals of emotions emerging,deep rooted within her soul. Emotions of everything beautiful and honey, She smiled, spreading her arms out in joy; standing in the middle of a cyclone.

I burned myself down,
To lit you up,
I crushed myself down,
To lift you up,
I saw you there,
Up and untouched.

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