Magic Mushroom


Myriads of pain, soaked numb by your gaze. I froze, as our eyes kissed. Picturesque were we, I admired your slender body.

Sshhh-‘, she whispered to my pounding heart. ‘– Come with me‘, as she spelled magic words on me. Dazed by her touch, she dragged me through the window to my rooftop. Beneath the sky and above the reality, she started painting my musings.

Her brushstrokes made moon spring to my life, Bungee jumping in the sky. Mother trees singing lullaby to little stars, who were scared by the clouds under their bed.

Dripping my blood in the perfect balance of calm and havoc, on her canvas. She kissed ache out of my soul.

I saw art through your eyes; little did I know, she saw art through my thoughts. Clearing the dark clouds of failure and changing my perception about me.

She left me alone with my mosaic heart. She was lotus to my murky soul. Spreading the petals of love and scent of never-ending saga of unremitting love.

She was magic, I thought.

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